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Software Patents

As technology continues to grow at a rapid pace, the amount of software patents has grown exponentially. Most desktop or mobile software contains at least one software patent to protect the intellectual property of its creator. Because of this, protecting and defending these patents has become a major issue.

Our expert witnesses have a tremendous amount of experience in creating and analyzing software for many different types of products including those for mobile systems such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS as well as software created for Windows, Linux and the Macintosh operating systems.

Often times the source code for software includes trade secrets and very specific intellectual property. We can help deconstruct the source code to help expose any infringements on your patents. If you are being accused of infringing on another party’s patents, we can help you as well.

We can provide your legal team with expert witnesses who have proven track records in software development, intellectual property and software patent litigation support. We deliver easily understandable reports of where the infringement exists or why it does not exist and how to properly present the the findings in plain, non-technical terms.


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