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Patent Infringement

Our experts can help your legal team by providing them with expert testimony for your defense of a patent infringement lawsuit as well as support for pursuing other parties when they have misappropriated your patents for their use. We have extensive experience with reviewing and understanding the underlying source code in the software used to create applications for either desktop or mobile use and can apply our knowledge to your case.

We can effectively and rapidly help you sift through massive amounts of complex code to find the critical pieces that shouldn’t be there. We have experience working under the gun on-site at secure client locations, using the code review tools efficiently to locate and summarize vital pieces of evidence.

We don’t just blindly operate diff and grep and wc and make reports of lines of code with certain words. We read and understand what the code DOES, and HOW it does it, both of which are critical to identifying infringing intellectual property and sifting out source that only looks suspicious but doesn’t actually qualify. We understand how, when and why code changes and evolves and are deeply familiar with code repositories, version/revision control systems, branches and merges.

When we review the source code under question, we can provide the legal team with an in-depth understanding of where the infringement exists and how to properly present it to the Court in plain easily understandable terms. We let you focus your efforts on the claims that are really relevant and avoid embarrassing mis-steps in court. We are veteran programmers with a knowledge of industry history and state of the art, so we can see deeper into a codebase. We help our clients spot non-obvious problems like incorrect or outdated evidence being supplied and attempts to obscure infringement. We have developed workflows to accelerate our processes and improve the speed and accuracy of time-consuming steps like Bates Numbering.


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