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Our expert witnesses have extensive experience in the authoring and analysis of the massive and complex source code that that goes in to products on desktop computers running operating systems such as Linux, Windows or MacOS. Our team also has an excellent understanding of the underlying OS and application code in mobile and smartphone devices such as Android OS and Apple iOS.

If your legal team needs expert witnesses for intellectual property and trade secret protection, our long history in software development and algorithms can provide them with the support they need to help you come out on the winning end in Court.

Our team of engineers can provide your lawyers with a clear understanding of highly technical issues and make it easier for them to present your case in a legal dispute without presenting confusing technical jargon that could be distracting and harmful to your interests.

Our software expertise in numerous software languages and hardware paradigms can help your legal counsel present your case to the Court in precise, easily understandable language that can provide you with the a winning legal strategy.


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