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3D Scene Forensic Reconstruction

Residential Scene Forensic 3D Model captured by Drone

This is not a photo, it’s a full 3D model that can be measured and interactively viewed from any angle.

Our experts can help your case win by creating compelling and realistic, detailed and dimensionally accurate 3D models of critical locations. Don’t just show still photos, diagrams and blocky 3D animations, show the real site in exquisite detail with the ability to measure distances and volumes as well as insert and animate informative markers, objects, people and annotations.

We can work on-site with you to capture locations and environments, or support you or qualified local photographers to document the scene to our standards necessary for reconstruction.

Interiors or exteriors, residential, commercial, large or small spaces, synthetic materials or natural. We utilize high-resolution digital imaging as well as UAV/drone-based imaging where larger outdoor spaces are required. We can combine these scenes into larger environments like Google Earth and create animated presentations involving telemetry/telematics and video.

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