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Vehicle Telematics and Digital Video Analysis

Digital Video Recording and Telematics can show what really happened.

Our vehicle telemetry/telematics and dashcam/DVR analysis experts can piece back together the whole story of what really happened.

Today, many commercial vehicles and some personal vehicles are equipped with dedicated or smartphone-app based digital video and data recorders (often colloquially called Dashcams). Internet video sites are awash with shocking footage of accidents and near disasters caught and stored forever.

If your case involves data and/or video captured by a digital recorder system of any kind, our expert analysis can help you get the most value from the data, ensure that it is accurate and complete and help you exhibit it in the most compelling and easily understood presentation.

We can reconstruct incident scenes with 3D Forensic Scene Reconstruction and insert and animate GPS tracks and vehicle models into the 3D presentation. We can extract raw data from digital files to ensure and verify it has not been damaged, tampered with or otherwise altered. We can make plots, graphs and animations of data such as shock force, speed and braking, routes and frequency of other incidents. We can clean audio and enhance video to make any information present clearly obvious. We can also integrate, enhance, synchronize and merge video from other sources such as smartphones and security cameras.

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